Monday, June 17, 2013

San Diego or Bust

This month my husband and I celebrate 20 years of marriage.  I really was hoping we'd get to go somewhere different to celebrate.  You know, not just out to dinner or something like that.  And with all we have been doing to sell our home and get ready to move, other things really haven't been top priority.  Especially things that cost much money.
However, God is bigger than our 'here and now', isn't He.  Kenny recently got invited to speak at a conference on data virtualization, or something really interesting like that.  *snicker snicker*  And the conference just happened to be in San Diego.  And he just happened to ask the conference leader if he could happen to bring his wife along, you know, since it just happens to be near our 20th anniversary.  And the man just happened to say yes.  And he also just happened to let us stay 2 extra nights at this beautiful resort.  That happened to be in Coronado Island.  *happy sigh*
Aside from the fact that our wonderful realtor back home practically came on vacation with us (getting through the inspection phase, you know), we both had a wonderful time.  It really was sweet getting away from everything and everyone.  The weather was perfect.  The long walks reviving.  The hotel just felt rich. The food absolutely delicious (and all the better 'cause someone else cooked it!). And five days alone with the man I'd still say 'I do' to. Most certainly a gift from a gracious Father.
The grand staircase at our resort.  Boy, did we feel pampered here.

In-N-Out Burger, of course.  But being on an island with no car made getting the burger a little challenging.  Let's just say we made an adventure of it.  Shuttle to town.  Long walk through town.  Ferry across bay. Taxi to our destination.  Taxi back to island. Long walk to shuttle.  Shuttle to hotel. Was it worth it?  Oh yeah.  I think I'm joining the 'Bring In-N-Out to Colorado' club.

During a stroll through the neighborhoods of Coronado, we found the most wonderful homes.  Million dollar homes, by the sea.  But better than the homes were the blossoms all around.  Sweet, vibrant, almost tropical.  A little bit of heaven, if you ask me.

Our last day there, we took this cool touristy trolley around San Diego.  We stopped here, at the Midway Museum.  It was fascinating to walk around on this Naval aircraft carrier.  As we ducked our heads to wander through the living quarters down below, I was filled with thanksgiving for our military and the work they do.  And I decided that even on a Mama's worst day, it's better than being in the Navy!

I think I could live on the water if I had to.  There is something so romantic and attractive about the sea and it's vessels to me.
Down at the bay, we got to see this beautiful ship. I believe it may have been used in some movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Master in Command.

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