Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Unpacking Our Old Friends

Our great room is finished!  The wall and windows are bare, but we can use the room, and we are just really enjoying it.  Even the grumpy old bears come out of their caves downstairs to hang out with the rest of us!  We finally have a room that fits us all!
And this morning I got to *after 10 months of having them in boxes* unpack my wonderful old friends, our BOOKS. Each book we've read over the years has a special place in my mind. They are a connection between me and my children and our learning.
Piles and piles of Children's books, History books, Missionary stories, Science readers, and just plain good literature.  Ahhh....

All morning as I unpacked and helped with school and answered the wrap-up questions of the construction crews, our kids just sat all over the room reading, coloring, playing with Lego, writing speeches, and doing math.  Here is Ellie, coloring in her book, on my favorite purple couch.  The couch I haven't sat on since last spring.  It was a good morning indeed.

My Sarah found and unpacked a box of her fun things.  It was almost as good as Christmas.