Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

If you live in Colorado, like we do, you have become well-acquainted this month with orange and blue and flags and balloons and party food.  Like everywhere.
And, even if you're not from Colorado, you are probably well-acquainted with the fact that the Broncos biffed it in the Super Bowl today.  Ach, vell...
We had fun anyway.  Half our church donned bright orange jerseys (The Sargents stayed boring). Kenny was practically booed at because he *cough cough* was rooting for the *cough cough* Seahawks.  Our pastor was hoping we hadn't poisoned his food during the game. And my dear husband, being ever-so-eager to share our new house, invited 20 or so of our long-time friends over to watch the game.  My friend Nancy calls us 'the regular offenders'. 
There's nothing like fellowship with your Christian brothers and sisters 

We sang praise songs, talked, and ate amidst many groans and winces as we watched our team fumble.  Yeah, bad pun. Sorry.  But as our friend Angus says, we're all still walkin' with Jesus, so it doesn't really matter.  
Thomas, finishing up the brats Danny started.  And yes, that is lovely snow behind him.

Broncos Cookies, with a couple blue and green ones, for Dad.  Just to be nice.

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