Friday, June 8, 2012

Checking In

I have people checking in with me all day long.
In the mornings, my little girls come to my room first thing and tell me about their night, play with Michael, un-make my just-made bed, mess up my stuff, and wait for breakfast.  Then they are off to play for a while. 
Baby does this thing where he lays on his tummy, looks at me, looks away, looks back at me, looks away, looks back at me, and on it goes.  It's obvious he just wants to make sure his Mama is still there! He is checking in. 
My middles are busy throughout the day with school work, chores, projects, and creativity.  They come to me here and there to let me know they are enjoying something, have finished something, or just want to talk.  They are checking in. 
Those older boys check in, too.  Usually starting about 9:30 PM, when I am ready to drop dead in bed.  They want to re-open the kitchen, fry up something meaty and salty, and just hang out and discuss life. 
When my husband has something on his mind, or wants to tell me he loves me, or needs to be reminded his home is still a refuge, he calls and checks in.
Why do I say these things?  Because I am privileged to be this woman in the center, and I don't take it for granted.  I have made many mistakes over the years, some of them quite painful, but through all of my shortcomings, I still get to be the one they come to, when they need to check in. My desire is that they know that my life's work is for them and by the favor and guidance of God I will remain.  

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