Friday, June 1, 2012

Our First Homeschool Graduate!

Well, we did it.  After months of reflecting, praying, and planning, we graduated our first son.
Before Graduation

It was a wonderful ceremony.  There were 8 young men and women graduating with Credo Academy, and each family had a 2 minute slide show for their child's life and 3 minutes to give some sort of speech.  Afterwards, there were munchies and punch, and lots of fellowship. 
After Graduation

But the Sargents just couldn't stop there- I (yes, it was me) invited 9 families over to our 1900 square foot home for the party to keep on going!  I think the last few families left for home around 1:00 in the morning.
In the days following, we were quite tired, and I think quite relieved it was over.  I'm so glad to have it behind me now, and I'm so glad to be looking forward to Danny's next season of life.  He has been given to God all along, and so much more so now.  I am eager to see what our good God will lead Danny into, and how Danny will serve Him in His kingdom.

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