Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Harvest Day at Miller Farms

 Growing up in Oregon, one can get pretty spoiled.  I remember spitting our watermelon seeds of the high deck in the summer only to find lovely little plants growing down below a few weeks later.
Not so where I live now.  Semi-arid, short growing seasons don't lend themselves to abundance unless you're willing to put in a lot of time and effort.
So when my good friend Tabby called and asked if we wanted to join up at Miller Farms for the day, we jumped on it.  And we are glad we did. Good friends, brilliant sunshine (we all came home sunburned), wagon rides through the farm to pick our own produce, and a corn maze to boot.
It was a lovely day with people I love, in country I love.
Not bad for a Pacific Northwest Snob.

It actually got quite hot; close to 100 degrees.  Toward the end of the trail we had run out of water and were borderline *unhappy*.  One of the kids cracked open a watermelon they had picked and passed it around for a drink!

Ellie's celery was bigger than she was!

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