Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Sargents are Back to School!

Happy Sigh.
When the last two years of your life have utterly and completely worn you thin and it's almost summer and you know you won't have much to give your sweet home-schooled children come fall if you don't take a really really long break...
You take that break. In the middle of graduating your second son from high school and throwing him two goodbye parties and celebrating three special birthdays and having two cars bust in the most expensive ways so that you are a serious Taxi Mom for many days...
You take that break.
And so then, when the end of summer rolls around, and you are pulling out those wonderfully familiar history books and math books and science books, and you are piecing together schedules and lists to give your bee-hive some sense of order, you find yourself being very glad that you took a break.  Even though your kiddos were certainly almost *bored* some days, although we aren't allowed to use the word *bored* in this house...because boredom is not an option.
And then...when that first day of school does roll around (TODAY!!) you find yourself happy sighing through the day.  Because you love what you do.  You love your children. You love the books and the new school supplies and the lists.  You love the simple questions that turn into complex conversations.  You love the sweetness of your younger ones and the growth in your older ones. You love giving them God's Word as seeds in their hearts.  You love actually planning your meals again (yeah, not so good this summer on that one....) You love order, even when some may not think that what we do is orderly, to us it is. You love the fact that while you are still learning, you are not a newbie anymore.
Oh yes, you definitely love that one.
Thankful for this sweet day.
Happy sigh.
No, I did not give my children bags full of candy to celebrate the first day of school.
And no, they did not eat all of that candy in one morning.
And no, we did not have hyper-activity issues this afternoon. 

Not sure why Pictionary Man is in this picture, but the kiddos enjoyed their goodie bags nonetheless.

Ready to Learn

Ellie was pretty excited to be starting some kindergarten work!

And another tooth lost to boot!

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