Monday, October 22, 2012

Double Digits!

October is a busy month for birthdays around here. And it's possible you've heard my husband joke about how busy we were in January to get 3 children born in October.  But not from the stage at church on birthday Sunday, no, he wouldn't embarrass me that way.  No way.

Anyway, Emma, Hannah, and Sam have their special days all within 12 days of eachother.  Emma is first, so this is her post!
She turned 10 this time.  Yep, our 6th child is double digits.  Before she was born she was going to be a boy, but miraculously turned out to be a girl, and since she joined four brothers and only one sister, her middle name is JOY.  'Emma' means 'caring one, as a nurse'.  And she is that.  She will run her home strictly and efficiently, with beauty and vitality. She is creative and sparkly and intense and affectionate.  And I love her very much.
Her are some assorted pictures of her celebration...

 A COSTCO Bear!! Can it be true??!!  She also got
Grammy's awesome camera (thank you, thank you), and a wad of cash.  
What a day.

 All my beauties on our friends, the Erickson's, acreage

Emma and Elisabeth, celebrating being TEN together.

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