Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Sam

When we were expecting our 3rd child, I think most people who knew us thought that would be it.  I mean, really, THREE children??!!
And because this pregnancy would of course be our last, we all thought this child should be a girl. So, as I waited patiently for the ultrasound technologist to tell me I was having a daughter, I noticed the look on her face.  She smiled sweetly, looked me right in the eye, and said 'It's another boy.  And he's beautiful.'  And he was.  A shock of black hair and the fattest cheeks ever.
He was so happy as a baby, Danny nick-named him Happy Sam.  And Danny even sang a little song about him, while he was poking him in the face and rocking him ever-so-gently in his carseat.
Samuel means 'God has heard my prayers'.  And John means 'Friend of God'.  This boy is special.  He is generous and thoughtful and creative and diligent.  He hums when he works and loves to encourage people to climb new heights.  He is a deep thinker and doesn't let the struggles of life keep him down.
When he was little, he wrote his name for the first time.  Samul Gon Sorgit. 
 Happy 15th birthday, Samul Gon!
 Wow, do I look tired or what! 

 Michael Jude loves a party!!

 This is my handsome offspring.

 A house-full of friends. And their brothers.  Lots of testosterone. 

 And food. Piles of food.

 Sammy has composed some beautiful pieces.

 Dad's gift-Starbuck's coffee and French Vanilla creamer

Reading his birthday card from Emma.  She made it after the 2nd Presidential debate.  It said 'VOTE FOR SAMMY'.

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