Monday, October 22, 2012

My First-Born Daughter

After 3 handsome sons in 3 years, I got my first daughter.  The day my mom and I saw her ultrasound, I posted a poem on the garage door for Kenny to find after work.  It said, 
'Roses are red, Violets are blue; Three boys and a girl for me and you!'
And this month that sweet thing turned into a teenager.  My goodness.
Hannah means 'full of grace', and Rachelle means 'little lamb'.  She is sweet and trusting and insightful and simple.  She loves jeans and a t-shirt, like her Mama. Nail polish? Not so much. But can that girl bake.  And she is becoming my good and wise friend, even better.
What a gift for a first daughter.
 Oh Yes.  Another COSTCO Bear!  I know, I rock.

 Her friend's little brother made this cool 'I Love Jesus' bear for her.

 Her sweet and fun friend, holding Bubbs.  And yes, I know we're beyond the age of red-eye, but I'm too busy to deal with it.

Two amazing Bundt cakes.  Don't worry, I frosted them before the guests came.  Not that they lasted long enough for me to take another picture...
And for dinner Hannah requested Alton Brown's Sweet and Sour Pork.  Hand-breaded.  With fresh pineapple.  And steamed rice.  And cabbage salad. Wow.

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