Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Grumpy Pray-ers

I absolutely love family prayer times.  I love them because the older boys aren't always here every night, and I see I must now not take them for granted.  I love them because they draw us closer as a family, quiet us down (hallelujah!), and focus our minds on others.  And I love them because of what comes out of these kids' mouths...Here are a few pretty revealing prayers that still make us laugh.

Emma: Dear Lord, please help Danny not to be rude and not to glare at me like he just did.  And I love you. Amen.

Sarah: Dear Jesus, please help Sammy to not just go around getting mad at people when he has a bad day.  

Emma:  Dear Lord, please help Hannah to grow up.

Thomas as a younger boy: And Lord, I ask that you would crack the neighbors hearts open. (I think he was parroting his Dad's prayer about directing their hearts...)

And although not so funny, by far the most popular prayer in our home over the last 15 years...
Lord, give Mom grace to handle the little children, and everything she has to do, that she would not be grumpy or stressed.  
And how many times have we tried not to laugh through this prayer, as a little ones cries out right in the middle of it???

AMEN! What wonderful children I have!

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