Thursday, December 13, 2012

To the Gingerbread Village

My 11 year-old son, Thomas, was born ready.  He has never really cared much for all this kid stuff.  He has ideas, and he wants to see them through.  So, last week, when he said we should go to the Gingerbread Village because someone had given him a postcard about it, I slumped inside, thinking one more Christmas activity was not what we needed.  But, he kindly persisted.  And planned.  And reminded.  And so we went.
Such a happy group at the Nativity.  And isn't Eliana just the cutest little donkey?
And such a serious one at that.

The Village really turned out to be wonderful.  It was put on by joyful, solid Christians
who made it a special day for everyone.  Here, Tommy and Nat are making a craft
to earn a sticker toward their prize.  Natty didn't really want to do the craft,
but he did it anyway.  Because of the prize, you know.
My red-eyed Sarah Elizabeth...She had this lady paint
a pretty red ornament on her cheek.  Afterward, Natty not-so-quietly
wondered 'What in world did she get a BOMB painted on her face for?!'
You know, boys just aren't...girls.

Many smiles came from Sarah and Eliana at this gingerbread
exhibit....Do you see 12 little girls?  In two straight lines? 
And do you see Miss Clavel behind them? 
If you don't, then you need to come to our house
 and snuggle up on our big purple couch with our little girls, and read Madeline!

All through the building, there were things to do and listen to,
 to get your stickers for your prize.  The storytellers were fabulous.  Each gave
interesting bits of history, along with scripture and the love of God.
This woman was the Candymaker, and she explained the story
of the candy cane. 

Emma and Ellie listened on and waited for their candy canes!

This darling girl held on to every word.

We ended up spending about two hours there.
Everyone finished their stickers and got their prizes.
And I thoroughly enjoyed my children. 
 I was glad my son planned such a good thing for us.

And in the words of my mother-in-law's great aunt Ethel, 'A good time was had by all!'
But please don't look at Emma's socks...Christmas cheer is I guess what she was thinking...

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