Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Day in the Life of Me

Many times I've been shopping with children in tow, and somebody will stop and ask about our crew.  Today, it was just me and a few groceries-very inconspicuous.  But still...
Before I went to pick up Hannah from her writing class, I ran into Safeway to grab some milk they had on sale.  I only needed 3 gallons.  As I stood in line with the milk on the conveyor belt, a woman behind me laughed and said, 'Who's gonna drink all that milk?!' I smiled, and before I could answer she said that I must have teenaged boys.  I said that was right, and she asked how many I had.  Let me just interject here-sometimes I reveal our whole family, and sometimes I don't.  Today I decided to meet in the middle.  'We have 6 boys', I told her. Her mouth dropped open, and she said, 'What did you say? SIX boys? And you birthed all of them?' I told her that was correct.  She stared at me and said to herself, 'Six boys, and no girls.'  Then her head popped up again and she asked me, 'No girls?'.  'No, we have girls too.  Four of them'. 
I'm used to people giving me a double-take when they hear about our family size.  And really, most people love the idea of many children.  This woman today was no different, but just-um-very forward.
Once she got the number in her head, she yelled out, 'Well are you Mormon?'.  I laughed and said no, that we are Christian and that these children are a blessing.  She stood there a minute and looked me over.  Then she yelled, 'Well why aren't you FAT?'. Um, how do you answer that when you're not exactly skinny? I think she was quite surprised to see a mother of many still able to get herself out of bed and go to the grocery store! And I could see out of the corner of my eye that the checker was now chuckling as he scanned my groceries. As I was paying, she continued on. About Hollywood stars and how all they think about is themselves and their images and money and all.  And then she leaned forward and whispered loudly, 'Good for you!'.  I think that may have been a compliment.  I started heading out, and she yelled after me, 'Oh hey.  I hope I didn't offend you with what I said!'  I reassured her that she didn't and I smiled and told her to have a good evening.  The checker was still laughing when I left.  



  1. I never realized until today that we are the exact opposite...4 boys and 6 girls:) I went to Winco today (did they have that when you lived here?) with the younger 5 (7 and under). I felt like I was racing through the store, dodging carts with kids hanging on each end:), but we made it through. I would so rather get all the stares and funny looks and come home to a full house than to look normal and come home lonely! BTW, have you checked out Trim, Healthy Mama by Nancy Cambell's daughters? It's AWESOME! Miss you!

  2. Yes, I guess we are the opposite! And there was CUB Foods before Winco, but my mom shops at Winco sometimes. And I agree about the funny looks!
    I haven't heard of Trim Healthy Mama, but will check it out. Are you using it? I do love Leslie Sansone, at least the DVD's I have.
    I miss you too!!!

  3. Too funny! I think you could write a book of stories from shopping with your kids, Erica. My fave is the one from Wal-mart when I think you were pregnant and had strep...but I won't relay it because I think some people are probably old enough to be embarrassed now.

    1. We STILL remember that day! And no, I couldn't post about it, but we can snicker (and groan)over it quietly!