Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Grilled PB&J!

Years ago, I met a woman named Annette.  She lived with her family in Colorado, and became someone I really enjoyed spending time with.  I used to laugh until it hurt with her. 
We each had young children at the time, and we'd get together here and there for lunch and a play date for the kids.  One day she introduced me to the most wonderful adult-type-kids-meal.  Grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Oh boy.

We made them for lunch today.  I am trying to shed a few pounds (*sigh*), so after my spinach salad I only had a nibble. Or two. I think. 
But my children were happy.  And I got to remember my friend and pray for her and her family, now many states away.


  1. should know that whenever I think of people who are wise enough to hold their tongues, and prove their wisdom when they open their mouth, I think of you. You are awesome! My kids are still mad at me for letting you win the baby-having contest!

  2. Hello Friend! Thank you for such a lovely compliment. I miss you and yours.
    Autumn's blog was very well-done. Tell her I said so. I'd love to catch up sometime.