Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We're Finally Done With Asia!!!

Okay, last July I posted about starting back to our school schedule early because the last year had been slow, and I wanted to get a jump on things.
So we did.  And we started our world geography study, going through Antarctica and Oceania first.  Wow, it felt good to get moving!  
Then we hit Asia.  And we stayed in Asia. It seems like we were in Asia for EVER. Asia is HUGE. 
Yes, I suppose Christmas break and a week or two of the flu didn't help either, but still.
However, today I am happy to announce, the Sargents are moving on to Europe.  And we celebrated after a long morning of review.  Just to make sure all that time in Asia wasn't wasted, you know.

Emma, Hannah, and Thomas were very surprised when I pulled out these goodies.
Fun drinks with this marble thing in the neck of the bottle, panda cookies, and some kind of fruit things made in Japan.

 He wastes no time enjoying it.

 This picture of my girls really shows how they've grown, I think.

Red-eyed Baby is glad we're moving on, too!

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  1. One of my favorite homeschool memories is taking our children out for Japanese food when we completed our unit study!