Saturday, April 13, 2013

Growing Out of Our Home

I don't know, but it just seems like my children keep getting bigger.  And my home really doesn't. Some might think that a family of 12 living in a 1900 square foot home sounds a little tight.  And some days it is.  Especially when we have company.  But we get creative, and God provides in so many ways. I can't tell you how many times we've shuffled children and beds around and magically expanded closets and kept a baby in the crib until they were 5 (no, not really, but it seemed like it on occasion).  We have purged and re-purged and moved things out to the garage and added shelves and metal bars all around.  Half of my kitchen is in the garage. And we have a wonderful triple bunk and a regular bunk, housing our 5 oldest boys.  Our girls have a loft, with the two littles underneath, and Hannah somehow got a single bed all to herself.  Baby is with us, which I love, except that he is our worst sleeper and can't drown out noises very well. 

After 11 years of growing our family in this wonderful home, and through much discussion, prayer for wisdom, number-crunching, contemplation, and finally some kicks in the pants by family and friends who say 'it's TIME!', we have made the decision to put our home on the market. In fact...
When Emma and I came home from Oregon, there was a huge dumpster sitting in our driveway, filled with yard debris.  And there were pretty pots of flowers and a freshly painted garage door and front door, and many other things awaiting our attention.  While we were gone, Kenny rallied about 40 people from work and church to come over and surprise me.  It was amazing, the work they did!  And very very humbling to be on the receiving end of it all (especially wondering what in the world my bathrooms and garage looked like when they showed up.  Lord have mercy.)
So now, we have taken a couple of weeks off school to get inside things done. We are hoping to get our home on the market within 2 or 3 weeks.  That really may be a crazy deadline, but it keeps us going. I'm sure I'll have more posts of our adventure.   
 Sarah, in her pajamas, and sidekick Ellie, having a yard sale early yesterday morning to make money for the move.
She's getting the idea - get rid of your stuff!
She's also a good saleswoman.  She sold the same pair of skates to Emma and I at different times, and made twice the price!

On the left of this photo, she has a pair of shoes - two different shoes - for sale.  No one bought those. She also has some language software that she said didn't teach her anything. 'Mom, I already know English.' Yes, of course. 
That software will be getting pulled out again this fall.  So she can learn the English she doesn't know that she doesn't know.
Stay tuned for more on our move!

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