Sunday, April 14, 2013

You Know You Have a Big Family When...

  • You have three times as many beds as bedrooms.
  • You invite nobody over for a child's birthday dinner, and it's just as full and loud as if you had.
  • You do a normal two-week's worth grocery trip to Costco, and the checker asks if you left any food in the store.
  • You take only half of your children out, and after some nice woman comments on how you have your hands full, you exchange winks with your kids.
  • There is no such thing as 'stocking up' on things.
  • You buy all those cute dresses at the thrift store, though they're nobody's size, because somebody will wear them someday.
  • You wash 20 bath towels on Monday, and your son lets you know 'we're out' by Thursday morning.
  • You run to the store for toilet paper when you are down to just 4 rolls.
  • Family game nights take up two dining room tables.
  • You need two or three of the same forms at your pediatrician and dentist offices, just to fill out everyone's information.
  • Your younger children treat their older siblings like parents.
  • You really don't worry about having to live in a nursing home. Somebody will want to have us, right?
  • Your children have lots of automatic best friends.

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