Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Little Peace and Quiet

We had two showings today. Still no offers, and I am trying to be patient, but it's really not working. We ventured out again after scurrying around wiping up, vacuuming, and mowing. When we got home, we were all tired and needed a little space from each other. So I sent everyone to find an alone place in the house and read a stack of books. Natty and Sarah really wanted to rest in my room, and I gave in because they're so very cute. Unfortunately, Michael Jude had taken one of the dreaded *5 minute naps in the van*, and he was ready to party as we rested.
Sorry the photos are so grim.  My phone camera isn't the best...But the kids are sure cute!

Nat tried to rest but couldn't stop laughing at his little brother.
Let's have some fun!!

Sarah finally gave up.  Her new-favorite tongue twister book will have to wait.

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