Thursday, May 16, 2013

'Twas the Night Before Listing...

...And all through the house
All the creatures were stirring, including my spouse.
The carpets were cleaned and drying with care
In hopes that some buyers soon would be there.

The bathrooms were shined from bottles of bleach
And 'most our belongings were packed out of reach.
Outside the trim lawn and pots full o' flowers
Beckoned for realtors to come within hours.

The children told stories, with mouths yawning wide
Of playing and growing up side by sweet side
And Dad with his hammer, and Mom with her broom
Chattered 'bout what it'd be like to have some more room.

As the eve grew still later, tired bodies and minds
Retired for the night, settling in to unwind
And all the home rested as the family prayed
For the next part of their journey that the good Lord has made.

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