Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Selling Your Home, Large Family Style

I don't suppose there is really much difference in moving a large family than moving a small family.  Except for the amount of things you have.  And the amount of people you keep bumping into and stepping over when you are working on getting your home ready to sell. And the amount of people you need to feed while you are packing up.  Three times a day. At least. And the amount of people who keep wanting to live in the home you are trying to sell. And the amount of opinions as to where we should move and who we should move next to. And the amount of laundry that keeps getting dirty, just after you put it neatly away.  It really is a little crazy over here.  Organized, but crazy.  
My children are really great kids.  When Kenny and I say 'all hands on deck!', everyone pitches in. We have had a couple of goals to get it on the market, and haven't even come close.  We even took a weekend off because a certain resident mother was sort of melting down. But we're back at it today, doing what we're doing.

Aside from all the painting and fix-it jobs and yard clean up and staging efforts, I think the most important thing we've done is to pack up most of our things.  I'm not kidding, aside from clothing and furniture it's almost all in the garage.  Danny tried to fry some potatoes the other night.  No frying pan.  Toys are gone, dishes are packed, and good luck finding your favorite pair of shoes.  They're in the box marked 'SHOES and MISC.' It's all going out.  Because if it's in the house, Mama is going to be even more stressed when the realtor calls to schedule a showing.  
Natty thinks we paint the walls because they are dirty...

I have a couple of lists ready for listing week.  One is our regular morning routine, only changed up for being on the market.  All bedrooms and bathrooms spotless before breakfast.  Kitchen and dining room spotless before school.  And on it goes.  I also have a list for who does what when we have a showing.  One big basket for all dirty laundry.  (Then bring it out to the van to hide it!) One basket for little things, lying around.  (Out to the van!) Someone vacuums and sweeps.  Someone grabs the windex. Someone lights candles and fixes the lighting.  Someone does yard inspection and sweeps the walkway.
Whew.  And all this without raising my voice (very often) or giving in to the temptation to make them all sit on the couch all day, every day.  Should be an interesting summer, to say the least.  Life doesn't stop when you're moving your family of twelve!

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