Thursday, August 22, 2013

It Ain't All Roses

Many wonderful extras to living in the country!  Coyotes, rabbits, deer, owls, crunchy prairie grass, and thistles!

Kenny spear-headed the thistle-pulling project.  And just in time, too.
If you don't get them before they go to seed, you'll have even more the next year.
Sarah grabbed a tool and jumped into this photo.  But if you asked her, she'd admit she didn't pull any pricklies.

This girl can WORK!

Just about done for the day.  After about 5 hours of good hard work, Kenny took the crew and some neighbors to Texas Roadhouse for steak. A well-deserved payment!

These little ones were bummed that they had to stay home from the Roadhouse.  But I suppose playing in the water all day doesn't earn you a steak around here. And yes, Michael is swimming in his clothes.  

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