Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunshine Girls

I am working on a post about our new home, with pictures and all.  But for tonight I will leave you with sweetness that Emma captured on Joey's phone yesterday.
 The little girls decided to explore some of the back 40 yesterday. It is so wonderful to see them running and tiring themselves out.  

 Playing in the water out by the garden space.

 A few weeks back, Eliana decided to give herself a haircut.  She was very proud of her work until she looked in the mirror.  Then she cried.  After that, Sarah told her she looked like one of the little boys at our church.  Ellie cried even harder, as I tried really really hard not to laugh. And then of course I consoled her, and trimmed it all to match.  Sort of.
Here she is, sporting her new do with a lovely summer suit... 

... And here is Sarah, wearing a turtleneck? And sweat pants. In August.

Different as night and day.  Wonderful treasures of mine.

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