Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Until the Dust Settles

The construction crews have been here, and things are slowly moving forward!  Our garage is on it's way to becoming the GREAT room.  I have never seen Kenny so excited for anything related to the home! I think someone stole my old husband and replaced him with an exact replica, only with one who wants to do projects around the house! He took Sam out to Home Depot the other night and came back with a new set of tools and a big grin.  I just about fell over.
For a number of weeks still, we will have the noise and dust of power tools and boxes full of books waiting to be taken out and shelved in our new room.
This is what you'd see if you walked in from the back porch.

Looking over the half-wall, from the kitchen nook into the garage.  

Another view from the kitchen nook.  This half-wall used to be a full wall with the door to the garage.

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