Tuesday, September 10, 2013

When You're the Youngest of Ten

  • You get to use the laptop and sit in your older sister's favorite chair with her favorite blanket, just because you're the baby brother.
  • You usually will end up with an extra cookie or two or three because you're so darn cute and you just keep walking around saying 'cookie' and nobody knows you already had one.
  • When your baggy pants fall off (again and again), they stay off for quite some time.  Because everyone is either too busy to help you or they think it's so funny they decide to keep them off.
  • Your older siblings insist that they had it so much harder and that you are getting away with everything.  They're certain these injustices not only ruined their childhood, but will also lead to your being spoiled and whimpy.
  • You really don't know what it means to be alone.  If you wander outside for some fresh air, you are joined by a half-dozen siblings. If you silently head for a bedroom to play with something forbidden, you do not have long until you're found out and moved elsewhere.
  • You get extra kisses and squeezes, because Mommy and Daddy are old and you may just be the last baby in the house.
  • You rarely get a good night's sleep. As the evening progresses and you lie in your bed, one by one, your brothers and sisters come in to say goodnight to Mom and Dad, and then they see you being so cute in your crib that they just have to talk to you and re-tuck you in. And those same friends will be there to greet you early in the morning! And you love every minute of it.

    I think Michael would say that being the baby of the family most certainly has it's perks!

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