Saturday, August 16, 2014

He Has Wings

 It's a strange thing, saying goodbye.  Part of you wants to put it off just a little longer, most of you wants to get it over with.
Last weekend, we drove Joey out to Kansas City where he will attend a ministry/music school for the next four years.
You don't really know how much you love someone until something changes.
As he is looking forward, his Mama and siblings spent some time looking back.  Back to his childhood, his growing into manhood.  Back to where all the children were younger and things seemed simpler. Back to the time it seemed nobody would ever really leave home. Because when you home school, you are just about always together.  Kind of like one giant living thing.  With many, many mouths.
We got him settled into his wonderful new place.  He has a family to live with.  A warm family. A family with eight older children. A family who home schooled. 
He has a roommate.  David is kind and happy and quiet.
He has good neighbors.  He has a good school.
He has the Creator of the Universe.
He has wings.
Joey at his High School graduation, complete with two cool bro's.
Joey and Sarah, climbing the Castle Rock, on the 10 siblings' last full day together.
Kenny and I, heading down our driveway, taking Joey to school.
Little Mikey, waving goodbye.

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