Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We Have One Out of His Teens!!

Daniel Stephen, our very first child, turned 20 last weekend.  He's just a great guy.  His name means "God is my judge".  When he was younger we used to tease that he got it mixed up and thought it meant "I am the judge of my siblings!"
 We celebrated with a meager 30 people.  It seems that our tradition of having just one family over for dinner is now long-gone.

Young men's minds amaze me.

Funny faces with cute little sisters!

We had literally piles of food -and per Danny style, it was the same fare as every year...Burgers and ice cream pies. One friend bought six bottles of Vernor's  ginger ale for the birthday boy.  Danny loves the stuff, and so did my Grandpa Robert, who Danny reminds me a lot of.
The jar full of birdseed was a gift from me. When Danny was ten, I made a bunch of I Spy jars for the guests.  I filled the jars with a mix of birdseed and small trinkets.  Then tied on a tag with lists of the trinkets to find in the jar.  There were extra guests that year, and Danny gave his jar to one the guests.  I promised I would give him a new one.  And it took me another ten years, but I made good on my promise!  This new jar not only had trinkets, but gift cards as well!

Chocolate-Oreo-M&M Pies. Not a crumb was left for the next day.

Emma and her buddy, celebrating Danny!

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