Monday, July 9, 2012

Copy Cats

 I love watching my littles copy the bigs.  You can just see the wheels turning, as they sit and silently stare and take it in.  And then, the light goes on and there's a change in their expression.  They smile and hop up to the bigs and say something like, "I want to do that too!".  And they do it, and when they're done, they seem to have grown taller a few inches. 
 We were made to imitate.  The apostle Paul said to follow him, as he followed Christ.  And it's so good to have somebody worth following.  In fact, it's absolutely neccessary in my opinion.  I am reading a book right now called, 'Come of Age', by Angus Buchan (the man that Faith Like Potatoes was filmed about).  This book is so sweet to me, because I can confidently follow some of the paths of Angus and his wife.  The Lord shines through them.
 After watching older sisters, Sarah just had to make her own yard sale signs for the neighbor's fundraiser.  I don't think she looks very proud of her work, do you?

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