Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guess What I'm Doing This Week...

*Running this home well is no small task. *

After 6 months of new baby, debate tournaments, new carpet, mime practices, piano recitals, home schooling, graduation prep, and relatives, I am finally taking some time to get some things back in order.  Ahhhh...I'ts been too long without a schedule.  We've made it through, but not in the best way. My Mother-in-Law would say I've been like a
So, I am taking the next few weeks to write down everything that is not working, and write down everything that needs to be working.  Such Fun!!
I have one of my most favorite books - Large Family Logistics- which really isn't just for large families.  It's so full of practical wisdom I can't stand it.  I feel like a kid in a candy store.  And today while Danny and I were out getting his drug test for his new job, I ran in to Target and found the cutest binder for all of my new LISTS! (It's the flowery book behind the laundry lady above). 
I have been coming up with more practical meal lists (revised for busier times); better chore lists (revised for a new work force- sans older guys); more efficient errand schedules; fun things to learn this fall; clothing needs; ongoing grocery lists; and I'm sure more to come as I keep reading and pondering.
It feels so good to be thinking straight and looking ahead in an orderly sort of way. 

*It's almost as much fun as being on vacation.*

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