Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Yesterday Kenny and I got up at 4:00 in the morning to send our 16 year-old off to Kansas City for a prayer and worship camp.  For 3 weeks.  He was nervous about the flight and all, but once he got on the plane and felt it 'move back and forth', he got really jazzed for his adventure.

We're so proud of him.  He told us at the beginning of the summer that he wanted to do this.  But it was going to cost over $1,200.  So, as we looked at our wonderful new carpet and hoped for a newer car for Kenny, we had to say 'not this year'. 
Joey started to pray about it, and not too long after, a couple we know approached him and asked if he had any interest in going.  He smiled, and said yes.  They then offered to have him work for them and earn $300, up to his departure date.  Then the worship and prayer ministry here in town gave him a scholarship of $500.  The momentum was building! 
He sent out emails and flyers all around, looking for work.  And it came in, and he raised all of the money.  In fact, last week as he was mowing, he was thinking of how he would need some spending money while there.  But he had no more jobs.  So he prayed.  When he got home, there was a phone call from a woman he had mowed the front yard for (for $15).  She said she now wanted him to do front and back, for $50.  And then my Mom decided to send him $20 to take with him.

Needless to say, it's been such a good growing experience for our young man.  He has matured in many ways, and watched his God provide. And now, he is in the hands of others.  We are praying for him to have wisdom, discernment, and JOY as he learns.  And we are touched by his example of trusting in the Lord.
And yes, we already miss him very very much.

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