Friday, September 14, 2012

Caught Red-Handed

We Mom's aren't as dumb as they think we are.
When you tell your 5 year-old she isn't allowed to use your camera, and she says, 'yes, Mom' you think the deal is done.  And then one day, when you find said camera on that 5 year-old's bed, you hope that it was put there by somebody else.  But, when later in the day you take a look at the pictues that are on that camera, and you find this...

And this...

And then this...
Well, then (after a good laugh), it's time for a little visit.
By the way, that fuzzy little girl in the above photo isn't five.  She's the three year-old sister who takes a nap across the room from the criminal.
Case closed.
I think I missed my calling.  Homeschool Mom Turns Detective.


  1. Being detective is only ONE of the many, many hats you wear! Soooo proud of you/family. God bless you and keep you. GMM