Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Fun

After talking about it ALL summer long, I took some of the kiddos down to our new pool on Labor Day- the last day it was open.  Kenny and the older 4 boys were at the park, heavily engaged in a large game of ultimate frisbee with many other friends, and so Hannah, Emma, Nat, Sarah, Ellie, Michael Jude and I just really enjoyed staying cool at the pool. And the vanilla swirl ice-cream afterwards was amazing, but we were too busy eating it to take pictures!
Emma, coming down the water slide!
Beautiful Sisters resting from the current of the lazy river
Mama, take another picture of me!
Bathing Beauties, drying out
Hannah was wonderful.  She swam for an hour, then watched the younger 2 so I could have some fun.  And yes, that is a water-logged diaper on Ellie. 
Eliana ended up swallowing some water, and just got tuckered out.  She laid down and was fast asleep in a minute or so...Under these beautiful skies.
And Baby didn't last much longer!

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