Friday, September 28, 2012

First Day of Fall Party

I absolutely love how the trees change in Colorado.  It's like the leaves turn color from the inside out, but not all at the same time.  I think Autumn should be 6 months out of the year, seriously. There is just nothing like that cool, settling-in stuff that happens this time of the year.  Wood smoke from the neighbors chimneys.  Bright orange pumpkins dotting gardens and gracing the fronts of the grocery stores. Crisp cold apples. Steamy mugs of homemade soup. Curling up on the couch reading to my children. Jeans and sweaters. Flannel sheets. Fresh, cool air. I am soaking it up. Every bit.         

Last week was the first day of Fall, and we always have a party at our home!  Why? Because it's Mom's favorite time of the year, and it really deserves a celebration, that's why.  Sarah and Ellie popped out of bed early to pick out their 'fall outfits' from the newly acquired wardrobes in their closets (many thanks to our wonderful thrift stores...).  Sarah is swinging here with her new blouse, fall skirt, and snowflake tights, just in case. Doesn't she look much happier now that it's not 90 degrees?      

Mmmm...Homemade baked potato chowder in sourdough bread bowls.  We get our bread free from a local church that gives out day old Panera.  And just in case you were wondering, day old Panera is nothing to shake a stick at...
And neither is this cold, fresh apple cider.
Tommy and Nat tried to enjoy the meal without having their heads chopped off by Sam's sword.  During dinner.  At the table.  Sigh.
And Michael Jude says that he agrees with Mom (and everybody else) that Autumn in Colorado is the BOMB.

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