Friday, September 14, 2012

Homeschooling Through Osmosis

The other day, Ellie told a lady at the store that she was born in New Zealand.  
And Sarah reminded us all that "the tiny country near Malaysia is Brunei, guys."  
Well, of course.  How could we forget?  
I don't always count on the unit study for the older kids meaning so much to the younger kids. But how fun to hear these things coming out of their mouths!

Natty, in Number Heaven

I love how the learning happens around here.  It's a wonderful trickle-down, really.  
How many times have I heard a 4 or 5 year old ask what something-times-something is, after they hear an older sibling reciting multiplication facts?  And boy do we all remember when a much younger Tommy calmed down a sibling fight at Goodwill (somebody else's family!) by telling them what the fruit of the Spirit was. I recall a tiny Sammy telling the people at Safeway that their grocery carts were designed using hexagons. And now whenever Nat sees shrimp in the store, he is sure it comes from Australia.
It's a lot of fun over here.  Even if Ellie wasn't really born in New Zealand.

Sarah, Making Wooden Sandwiches for Lunch

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