Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Rwandan Wedding, Part Two

After Introduction at Cadette's home, we drove across town to 'Chuch'.  And again, we waited about an hour for things to start.  I think the wedding party was out taking their photos for the day.  The wedding ceremony was supposed to start at 2:00, but again, this is not the U.S.!  We waited outside and got a wonderful surprise of a blessing.  The Church building was across the parking lot from Compassion's project buildings.   This is where the children in this area who are sponsored come at least weekly to learn about God, and have a better education, and be fed and medically cared for.  As we waited, a man and woman were introduced to us as Compassion workers, and dozens of beautiful, happy Rwandan children walked past, stared at the 'mizungu's', and ran over for hugs.  We were so very thankful for this gift, to meet some of the workers here, hear their stories, see their smiles, and hug the children.  Kenny has visited Compassion projects in Rwanda and Nicaragua before now, but for me, this was my chance to see Compassion from the inside out.  What a highlight to the day!
Part of the Compassion Rwanda Project

Finally we heard music from inside the Church.  Although most people were still standing outside, we decided to go take our seats.  After a time of African worship (we white people are so stiff!), the wedding ceremony began.  But not without a few surprises to the foreigners...

Best Man, Groom, Bride, Maid of Honor

After Egide and Cadette are seated facing the front, in walks the pastor.  Followed by...

Another wedding couple?  

Not two couples, but three.  Apparently once you reserve the church, you don't get your money back if you change your mind.  Even if someone else is wedding the same day.  In fact, you all wed at the same time, in the same ceremony.  And you don't mind.  Really.

As the rings were given, the bride or groom read their vows from a sheet of paper, after you said 'yes' to the vows from the pastor.  It seems very different, but the service was actually quite nice.  Once Kenny and I got over multiple brides walking down the aisle, we were able to enjoy a wonderful message on marital commitment on earth and our future wedding in Heaven.  Much thanks to Moses, who translated the whole thing to us!
Next stop - Reception!

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