Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The End of Autumn

The seasons are changing around here, again. Colorful foliage falling and leaving behind the rough bareness of Colorado branches. Wildlife scurrying 'round, well-preparing for the harsh days ahead. Mama Sargent thrilling her houseful of hungry ones with bowls full of steaming savory chicken stew. 
I never grow tired of the handiwork of God.  The changing times always remind me that His mercies are new every morning. No matter what difficulties we face in this season, they are sure to be coupled with His Fatherly care and wisdom. And there is sure to be a new season around the corner. Another chance to grow as believers in the One Who made these fabulous seasons.

Every day, we have the privilege of watching these lovely deer outside our windows.  They are eating their fill before winter comes.

Sarah and Ellie, sunbathing and picnicking on the first of November.  Taking in the last of the warmth and outdoor play.

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