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Tuesday, November 12

Segovia, or Toledo?  That seems to be the question many visitors to Madrid have to answer.  I researched them both, asked around online, got the opinions of friends, and decided on BOTH!  Segovia first, after another shuffle through the subway and an hour bus ride up into the hills.  It was a fascinating day with lots of beauty and lots of history.  My two favorite things to see on vacation!

We found this wonderful church, just as we rounded the corner from the city.  I believe it was built sometime before the 12th or 13th century.

A real-live Roman aqueduct! This structure is huge, and I heard it is the only one like it still in Spain.  

Looking down from near the top of the aqueduct

A most quaint little town

Spain has the most amazing little bakeries.  All kinds of treats European!

And more chocolatè!

Oh my goodness, this cathedral was so amazing. Our little church in Colorado meets in a high school, and we got the pleasure of walking through this marvel, with all of it's statues and gold and paintings and carved ceilings.  And we worship the same God as the people who built this many, many years ago.
We were laughing, imagining all the children in our church, sitting still on the hard wood benches of this place, telling them not to touch all the pretties.  

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