Thursday, November 14, 2013

City on a Hill

I really didn't think we'd like Toledo (pronounced toh-lay-doh) better than Segovia, but by the end of our day here, we decided that we did.  Our guide book said when you get to Toledo, you just go UP and you can get anywhere.  It's true, and my calf muscles have the ache to prove it.  The city was once the capital of Spain, until Philip II moved to Madrid. It is surrounded by three rivers, and a partial wall.  There was so much to see here, but we had to pick our favorites.  We chose the Alcazar (military fortress), which unfortunately was closed on Wednesdays, the 'most spectacular cathedral in Spain' (and we had to agree it was even better than the one in Segovia), and shopping on the narrow, sloped, brick streets.  The city has a strong medieval feel, and so much of it is just wonderfully OLD.  And majestic.  It's a place you know a lot of stories are kept.
I believe this was the city gate.  There is a wall on the right, going (where else?) UP HILL.

Right behind Kenny's head is a most wonderful little medieval looking house/farm.  I could just picture a family out farming and hanging the wash.


We thought we were just meandering through these little alleys...Until a fast little Euro car came 'round the corner to let us know these are the roads.

Bummer that none of these swords came with us.

And just one more chocolatรจ before we leave Spain!

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