Thursday, April 3, 2014

Do Homeschoolers Get Snow Days?

An old neighbor of ours was quite intrigued by the idea of homeschooling.  We shared a meal with him here and there over the years, and he would always pepper us with questions about how it all works.  Once, he kind of chuckled and asked, "So, I'm curious.  Do homeschoolers get snow days?"  With a smile and a chuckle of my own, I replied, '"It all depends on the day".

If I need a break...If the kids need a break...If it's too cold to move...If it's not too cold to build a snowman...If I can stand the thought of 42 coats, gloves, boots, and hats spread from the back porch, into the school room, through the kitchen, and down the hall...If we're not terribly behind in school...If we're not forging ahead...If I'm feeling really nice.

We had one of our late-in-the-year snow storms this morning.  Inches of wet, fluffy Spring snow. So did we take the day off and spend all morning bundling everyone up and playing in the white stuff?

Nope.  Sometimes we do, mostly we don't.  When you have older kids, they have to keep going, snow or no. And since we don't exactly drive to school or walk our kiddos down to the school bus, well, it's pretty easy for us to get to our classes, even if the roads are frozen.
I will say this, however.  The beauty of it all never really goes away for us.  So even if I make my kids stick to their books, they do get to have homemade hot cocoa and take the day a little slower.  Lots of times I'll have anyone who wants to, make a big nest on the floor and play Lego or knit while I read out loud.  Besides, the kids are always free to sled and play outside when their work is done.
See? I'm not so mean...Even for a homeschool mom.

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