Tuesday, April 29, 2014

South Dakota Day Two (Reptile Gardens!)

After a good night's sleep in our host home, I got up early Thursday morning to get Sammy and Tommy ready for their first day of the tournament.  They rode with Danny and his friend Megan, whose home we were taking over staying at.  Kenny left to judge some speech rounds later in the morning. And after a quick breakfast, some showers, and packing lunch for the day, the rest of us headed off to a place that many had recommended to us.

The Reptile Gardens was one part tourist-trap, three parts really fun mini-zoo. Throughout the week, we dragged Joey along with us, so the younger set could get their fill of him before he immerses himself in work to raise many many dollars for music school this August.  And even though he was feeling the stress of missing 6 days of work for our vacation, and spending those 6 days surrounded by noisy, jumping siblings, he made it through okay.  I'm pretty sure, anyway.

Is this still called a Selfie, if there are more people than just you?

Nat and Joey get eaten by a giant snake.

My favorite picture of the day!

It's Rawhide, all over again!

Watch out for this one.  She may normally look sweet...

These girls loved the giant turtles.

A little crocodile hunting to pass the time...

Boys and snakes.  (cringe and shiver...)

We had to get this picture of 'Pascal'.  If you've seen the movie Tangled, you'll know.
Emma, Sarah and I were in awe again at God's design, as we read about these creatures and the many ways they can change their colors.  The one behind this guy was absolutely camo.  Brown and green and orange spots! He looked like he was going hunting in the woods.

You know, I really wouldn't want to get on their bad sides, would you?

Emma's very favorite part...ahem...the creeping lizards that might just run across your path.


Pretty pretty sisters

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