Tuesday, April 29, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

Sunday evening, after we went to Mount Rushmore, we brought in pizza and ate with the family who let us stay in their house.  They had actually moved out and let us have the whole thing (not that we would have all fit anyway, but still...).  Danny is good friends with their oldest daughter, and they have three younger children who got to meet our younger guys.  Kenny and I really enjoyed getting to know them as we groaned about tournaments and laughed about parenting and just kind of relaxed after the busy week.

I think Joey was hoping for a little more sleep on this trip.  One morning, as I was getting our competitors out the door at 7:00 and the little ones were milling around, looking for a scrap of breakfast, Joey threw off the pillows and yelled, 'This! Is! A! Bedroom!'.  And we tried to be nice and quiet, but it just didn't work.  Because it really wasn't a bedroom.  It was the living room and we were awake.

Monday morning we did our last loads of laundry, cleaned the house, and packed the car once more.  
And we drove home through Nebraska this time, instead of Wyoming.  Everyone agreed it was so much better.
Our trip was great.  We are all so thankful for it.  It was fun and yet relaxing.  It was interesting and informative.  It was someplace new.  But really, as we pulled up our driveway, just about everyone ran into the house and yelled, 'I love my home!'.  Including me.
There really is no place like home.
I thought of how wonderfully relieving and joyous it will be, to reach our final home one day, and be with our Lord forever. 
But for now, I have a family to raise.


  1. What a nice job you did on chronicling your trip...priceless. I so enjoy seeing the pictures of all of you. You got some really cute ones! Such wonderful memories made by all. Thanks for sharing.