Tuesday, April 29, 2014

South Dakota Day Three (Wall Drug!)

Ever seen one of those funny bumper stickers that say something about Wall Drug?  Maybe you even know where Wall Drug is.  We didn't, not really, until this trip.  But we decided on Friday to go see what it's all about.  And we learned a nice bit of American history along the way to Wall.  

Something we've learned about taking trips...Go with the flow, and do something that you like.  Kenny was a lot of fun on this trip, but what he really likes to do is buy a big book and spend some of his vacation reading it and chewing on it.  Here he is, starting a book on the master sculptor of Mount Rushmore.

Nat didn't like the cigar on this statue, so he tried to cover it up or rip it out for the picture.  

This picture says so much...

And to end the day of driving, shopping, reading and stepping back in history...homemade ice cream from Wall Drug! Along with, of course, little cups of 'Free Ice Water', Wall Drug's original ad to get business on the lonely, hot (before air-conditioning) highway.

Michael was exhausted, but still managed to take a few bites before falling apart.

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