Saturday, May 12, 2012

How I Teach My Children to Read

When you have a lot of kids, and you homeschool too, you get a lot of questions from other about how you do what you do.  One of the things people ask about is how in the world do I teach all these young ones to read?  The answer: I don't.  Not really.  Unless one of them has a learning issue that needs correction, I just let nature take it's course. And we do a lot of read-alouds.
I've watched all my babies move on steadily from one stage to the next.  And for most children, rolling turns to crawling and walking and running just like letter recognition turns to attempts at reading which then turns to independence!  
It's true, I do have a couple of phonics DVD's and some Reader Rabbit software that we bring out every so often for the interested soul, but mostly my kiddos have just taken off when they are ready.  God made us to learn! 
My oldest was reading before his 4th birthday.  Other have waited a lot longer.  But when they are ready, watch out!
Sarah has been watching me work with Emma, who does need more help.  She got to the point where she couldn't stand it any longer!  So in went the Leap Frog and Reader Rabbit's and here she is...Our newest independent reader!

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