Sunday, May 6, 2012


Change isn't always easy.  It seems just as we settle into our new normal and get our bearings, something shifts.  This year I have my first child graduating, although he is no longer a child.  That alone is a big change for us all.  He and his 2 younger brothers are trying to put feet to their faith, and as an OLD parent, it isn't always easy to watch. And as our children grow into young men and women, my husband and I have to re-adjust our schooling plans for them and our parenting roles, and our taxi-service hours.  That doesn't happen overnight! Add to that a pretty new baby and a husband who wants to go into film-making, and, well, there are just some days when I think all I do is switch gears.   
I have to say, of myself I would not have the grace and wisdom that I find each day for my ever-changing days.  Somehow, there is a peace in my soul, and a joy in my heart, even as I battle stress, uncertainty, and sorrow.  Even when I don't remember things and my wheels seem to spin ALL DAY, I know Who is sustaining me and living through me. The King of Kings lives through me!
I am finding that the times of transition in our lives aren't so bad. There is hope when we fail and courage when we fear and His steady hand reminding us that we are not alone as we leave one season behind and walk into something unknown.
I recently bought one of those butterfly kits (our 3rd one in many years).  You get these tiny, pale worms in the mail and have to stash them in your kitchen for a week or so and watch them grow very quickly into the most horrid looking black wormy things.  Even my bug-lovers think they're gross!  Anyhow, once they are big and gross, you move them into the butterfly house (think 'small-mesh-net-pop-up-tent').  And then you wait.  You check on them every day, because you don't want to miss it.  Then one morning when you are getting out of the shower, your very loud and very excited 4 year old bounds up the stairs to announce, "One's OUT!! One's OUT!!".  And you know exactly what she's yelling about.  And so does everyone else because we've done this before.
I love these kits.  Tommy was thinking they were ridiculous because you just let the butterflies go once they're in the net a day or so.  But not me.  I never tire of the miracle of new life.  And it is change and transition that brings new life.  The grain of wheat has to fall to the ground to produce.  The caterpillar has to turn to mush then reform to have new life.  And my family has to grow up and face new battles and walk when we want to sit.  Because we were made to FLY, not just hang there as ugly caterpillars.
Hannah and Sarah Setting One Free

He is the Lord, and He does not change.   He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  In my seasons of change, I find great comfort in that. 

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