Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We Blinked

A while back, our family got to go see comedian Ken Davis.  I'm a bit on the serious side, so comedians aren't usually high on my list of people to go see.  But Ken Davis is a neat Christian man who can make me laugh.  Really hard. Anyhow, during his show, he was looking back on his life (he's now in his 60's) and told about how when parents blink, their children grow up.  He was urging us all to do the important things in life, because our children grow up so fast.
He called Tommy out of the crowd (and yes, Tommy is just one of those kids that get called on frequently) and had some fun with him for a minute, then he looked and Kenny and I, sitting next to Tommy.  He said to us, 'don't blink'. 
Tonight Danny and I put together a short slide-show for his graduation next Thursday.  I left him alone for a while to work on it so I could finish dinner.  When I came back, he put the headphones on me so I could hear the song he chose to go with the photos of his life.  He looked at me and said, 'Mom, we blinked.'
 With little brother Joey.  Some of the best guys I know.  Aren't they cute?
This one's for you, Cheryl. Remember the aquarium?  Your little guy is now a husband!
 Danny, reading to baby sister Hannah.  They both still love learning through books.
 Sammy and Danny.  They've sure come a long way in their friendship with eachother.
 Danny, in front of the most wonderful vine that has grown almost as fast as he has.
 In his suit and tie waiting with friends to speak and the last Speech and Debate tourney.
Just a really great guy.  I'm so proud of you, my first-born son! Go get 'em!

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