Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Not for Germaphobes

Hannah and I like to follow a blog from Washington state, and today the blogger's daughter got married.  They live-streamed it and we just spent the last hour and a half watching it and crying.  
You may be wondering what my younger ones were doing all that time, while Mommy was engrossed...
(Warning:The following photos may send you into a tizzy, if you happen to be one of those who cringes at dirt and stuff like that...)But for a Mom like me, not so much.  I loved how busy and happy there were.  Besides, there's always the shower.
And I didn't mind that I got to watch the wedding in quiet!
The Wedding

At first, I thought they were looking for critters.  Perhaps, but then I saw them out the window, dunking again and again.  

Feels so good to swish your hair around in a sandbox pool full of muck! And no, Michael is not still in his jammies at 1:00 in the afternoon.

So great to be outside!

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