Saturday, July 26, 2014

Potty-Training Tales

How can you tell we are potty-training? 
Just look at these pics...
A stack of books on the bathroom counter to keep him busy...

Crackers and cheese, and plenty of water...

Strewn clothes in the bathroom...Apparently someone was in a hurry...

This morning Michael walked into my room, with nothing on except a shirt.  He was holding his underwear, and it was obvious he had messed them before taking them off.  
Mom: Uh, Mikey, did you go p**p?
Mikey: Yup. (with a cute little smug smile)
Mom: Um...Okay, well, where is the p**p?
Mikey: (still smiling) Oh... I will go look for it.
(seconds later, from the hall) I hear "Oh! Here it is!"
Mom pulls out hair and grabs the paper towels.

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