Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sweet July Girls

Our two youngest girls share a birthday month.  Eliana Hope and Sarah Elizabeth turned 5 and 7 and made this Mama very happy at getting to raise them, but kinda sad at their leaving baby and toddler-hood.  It is a strange place to be, watching our older kiddos start to leave the nest, and not be adding to the baby population anymore...A new season for me, that's for sure!

Hannah and Emma had fun decorating the table for the girls party.  We invited friends from church over, and between our two families, there were just twenty-one people.  That's kind of our life. Two or three families and the house is full!

Being July, we went for a bright, summer theme.  You know, bouncy balls, pinwheels, bubbles, and glow-sticks for dark.  You been reading the weather reports lately?  Yeah, the flash floods are HERE. But as my kiddos always say, 'It's okay.  We're good at Plan B'. And we were.

Just about adorable.  Sarah was old enough this year to get her own Bible for her gift.  It really is a good one, and she's mighty proud.
Next up...Danny turns 20!

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