Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Twenty One Years

June 20th was our twenty-first wedding anniversary.  
Twenty-one years of growing up together.  
Twenty-one years of 'How can I help you?' and 'I'm frustrated' and 'I'm sorry' and 'I'm glad I married you'.
Twenty one years of morning sickness and late-night babies. Potty training and weed-pulling. School planning and book-reading. Meals around the table and quiet dinners out. 
Twenty-one years of walking forward, new ideas, fresh seasons.
Twenty-one years of asking questions, praying for direction, discerning what looked like the good path.
Twenty-one years of fatigue and struggle, rest and triumph.
Twenty-one years of building friendships with some really great people.
Twenty-one years of a house full of noise and full of life.

On our anniversary I was praying for a good idea.  I was worn-out completely and could only think of dinner.  And my husband was the same.  Late in the morning, some friends from church called and offered free tickets to the Denver Botanic Gardens.  They were also going to celebrate 21 years, but as my friend Janell said on the phone, 'We do not necessarily want to spend the evening with you two!'.  Agreed!

Kenny and I tried a new Italian restaurant, which was very yummy.  The Gardens were wonderful, and were like therapy to this Mama's soul.  And we wrapped up the evening at a quaint little ice cream shop.  With our friends.  They decided to share some of their anniversary with us after all!

Ahhhh...and Sigh.....Who but the Lord could make such beauty?

Isn't life sometimes like this cactus?  All dry and prickly, but then comes something beautiful?

As the sun started to set, these beautiful glass sculptures started to light up all around.  It was so lovely.

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