Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Birthday Princess

Eliana Hope had her 5th birthday last week.  When we were expecting her back in 2009, it was kind of a tough season for us. Lots of hard changes at church, at Kenny's work, and at home. I just remember feeling alone and overwhelmed for a while.  As we anticipated the birth of our 8th child, we looked at names.  And we chose Eliana because it was so feminine, and because of what it means.  "God hears us and answers". Through our easy seasons and our tough ones, He is attentive to his people. Just like a father with his children. And isn't that just so comforting? 

For Ellie's birthday, we had homemade pizza and garden salad and lots of PINK cupcakes.  And she got the "prettiest" cupcake of all.  And that was the best part, so we hear.

It's time??!!


The Party Train!  Complete with adorable birthday girl, fun older sister, and potty-training little brother, still in his undies. If he only knew...

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