Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Collages and Swimming Pools

Don't collages just take you back to your grade school days?  I used to love making them.  As we wind up our school year (SUPER BIG YAY!), I wanted to do  a few fun things.
We transitioned from world geography to US geography with a collage "About Me".
We wrote the scripture about being fearfully and wonderfully made and then pasted carefully chosen magazine cut-outs(Oh! Remember the bottles of Elmer's white paste and the rubber cement?).
The kids loved them. 

And now they are gracing the fun little space above my school room windows!

Saturday we had to get out of the house for Bitlings.
One more trip to the indoor pool before summer begins!

Ellie is always the first to want to go home...And besides, 'swimming isn't really anything but jumping in the water and filling your nose with water!'.
Well, then.

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